Scratch Resistant

Not only does our solution look pretty on your devices, it protects from your screen from all types of blade scratches. When your phone is in your pocket, in your bag you may be unaware that keys and coins get in contact with your screens.

Fits all Screen Sizes

Yep you read that corrently, we offer screen protection from all types, all sizes. Even your camera lenses and watch glass lens. At GoRealaGlazz, no screen is left behind!

Long Lasting Protection

GoRealaGlazz Screen Solution was meant to outlive the lifespan of your device. With a 1-year effective protection, you are assured that your device is protected for months. Worry free!

No More Ugly Screens

You will always love the way your screen looks like. No more bubbles or peeling plastic protectors. No more micro scratches to be seen in those tempered glass thing! No more OC moments!

Advanced Formulation Like No Other!

Possibly the best screen protector you will find in the planet. GoRealaGlazz Screen Protection solution is powered by next generation nano technology that ensure no-gap binding to glass surfaces. We aim to be the leader in Invisible Liquid Screen Protection.

Got you covered from every side...

We got your screens covered no matter what brand your phone may be. Every mobile screen is important to its owner, that we know. It represents an investment, hard work and status on their part. That is why Gorealaglazz does not discriminate, on brand, size, shape and make. We got you covered...

No more ugly screens.

Screens protected by GOREALAGLAZZ Invisible Screen Protection not only protects your screen but ensures smooth and clear view of your phone images anytime, anywhere.

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Strengthens and Shines Like a Diamond

The advanced formulation of GOREALAGLAZZ bonds with and reinforces any glass screen surface down to the molecular level. This enables it to attain a 9H level of hardness similar to diamonds (at 10H level) making it ultra-scratch resistant that can endure keys, coins or whatever hard and abrasive objects in your pocket or bag. Thus, whether or not your phones and tablets have actual Corning gorilla glass or just ordinary glass, coating it with GOREALAGLAZZ gives it a reliable extra protection that makes tempered glass screen protectors primitive and unnecessary. Even wristwatches, with or without strong sapphire glass, gets an extra durable hardness with the GOREALAGLAZZ liquid treatment.  Aside from the added protection from scratches in the glass screens of your mobile devices and watches, you also get an added antibacterial protection as well as resistance from humidity and radiation (EMF in devices). So give your valuable gadgets some extra GOREALAGLAZZ premium protection pampering.

Best for your Phone's 3D Touch Feature

iPhone 6s was designed specifically to work with 3D Touch, the next generation of Multi-Touch. 3D Touch is a revolutionary pressure‑sensing technology that lets you get to the content you want simply by pressing the display. Capacitive sensors measure the pressure you apply on the glass. You instantly see a response on the screen and feel feedback from the all‑new Taptic Engine. 3D Touch is a perfect example of the magic that happens when hardware and software are designed together. 3D Touch can only perform because it was designed alongside iPhone 6s.

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Brighter Display, Longer Battery Life

Your read that right. Phones and tablets coated by GOREALAGLAZZ enjoy a more natural brightness than those wearing the thicker and easily chipped tempered glass screen protectors, or the easily scratched plastic screen protectors. This means you don’t have to increase anymore the brightness of the display in your devices, thus, prolonging battery life. This also translates to more fun or productive time with your devices since they become brighter, clearer, and more responsive to touch. So rather than spend more time and money on charging frequently, give your devices the GOREALAGLAZZ beauty treatment they deserve.


Watch out for our team in your BPO and CallCenter Offices!

We do the rounds in the major BPO and CALL CENTER OFFICES in the Metro. Watch out for our crew, our resellers and Gorealaglazz Experts do the rounds so that you don’t have to worry about your gadget’s screen anymore and just focus on having fun in your work.

bottlemockupshadowSee how easy it is to apply or install Gorealaglazz on your mobile phone. The phone used in this demo is an entry level phone using an old beat up tempered glass. Watch how it gets transformed back to brand new state.


logo-og-phDon’t let your screens be left behind. Put the power of GOREALAGLAZZ to work for your phones, tablets, cameras, watches and other screen gadgets you have today! Buy online from Lazada and enjoy FREE SHIPPING directly to your doorsteps.


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